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Norah Guide Provides Step by Step Third Eye Meditation Using Crystals

by on May.10, 2013, under Consulting a Psychic, Crystals, Norah Astrologer, Norah Psychic, Third Eye Chakra

Hello friends I hope that you all have been enjoying our blog discussion series on opening up the third eye. Today we are going to take last week’s discussion on the meditation exercises and amp that up a notch with some discussion on how to use crystals to do that. If you want to know more about individual crystals and chakra use you will want to be sure you are following my Crystals and Chakras boards on my Pinterest page and you will always find more detail there on the individual crystals I often speak of. I also am running an entire blog series on crystals and you can find more about that on my About Me page. But today here we are going to look at how to incorporate crystals into your meditation you will use to open up your third eye chakra. So let’s get to it! (continue reading…)

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Norah Guide Provides Step by Step Third Eye Meditation

by on May.03, 2013, under Crystals, Norah Astrologer, Norah Psychic, Third Eye Chakra, Your Psychic Abilities

Hello friends, I hope you have been enjoying our series on how to open the third eye. If this is an area of interest to you then you want to be sure you have my About Me page bookmarked as it will provide you with all of the feeds on related blog series such as my blog series on the chakras including the third eye chakra, and my blog series on the healing crystals and all of the crystals that you can use to open your third eye. You can also find all of the links to the very same things on my Pinterest boards and my Twitter feeds as well. Today we are going to look at a meditation that you can do to open up your third eye. You can catch a related video of this on my Linked In page as well. Next week I will tie in this meditation with crystals so that you can take your exercises with your third eye to the next level. Are you ready to open your third eye? Don’t worry, we will take it easy our first time. Let’s get to it. (continue reading…)

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Norah Guide Discusses the Court Cards in the Tarot Deck

by on Feb.08, 2013, under Consulting a Psychic, Norah Astrologer, Norah Psychic, Using Divination Tools, Your Psychic Abilities

If you have joined my Google+ circle then you already know that we are in the middle of an in depth study of the Tarot. Through a daily tarot reading and a daily love tarot reading we have been exploring each of the cards in the Tarot. We’ve gone through all of the suit cards and all of the court cards and are about to study the Major Arcana. If you have not yet seen any of the readings in this series, it’s never too late to join my Google+ page to find out more! We’ve recently completed the court cards, and I thought it would not be a bad idea to take the Google+ discussion one step further by writing a blog that examines the court cards even more. I won’t go into an in depth description of the meaning of each of the cards, that you can find on Google+, today I will expand on the general purpose of the court cards in the tarot. (continue reading…)

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Norah Guide Discusses the Healing Properties of Garnet January Birthstone

by on Jan.10, 2013, under Heart Chakra, Norah Astrologer, Norah Psychic, Third Eye Chakra, Your Psychic Abilities

Gosh it seems like just yesterday we were getting ready for Christmas and talking about the December birthstone. Here we are into the New Year already and it’s time to talk about another crystal. This month is a lovely crystal, as all of the gems are of course, and January brings us the birthstone of garnet. Garnet has had many uses over the centuries, so much so that it became known as the stone for January. If your birthday falls in January, or you need a little boost in some areas, wear or use garnet in your daily life and you will not be unhappy. Let’s look at the many healing properties of garnet, the January birthstone. (continue reading…)

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Norah Guide Discusses Spell Casting During the Full Moon

by on Nov.28, 2012, under Norah Astrologer, Norah Psychic, Spell Casting, Your Psychic Abilities

When you are on a journey to the “other world” there are many tools and techniques at your disposal to get there. As I mention frequently, be sure to use only the ones that you are most comfortable with as this will make your path so much more enjoyable. Some rituals, ceremonies, or techniques will work for some and not for others. So it is important not to get discouraged on your process.Keep trying until you find the ones that work best for you. Today Norah Guide is going to discuss the ancient art of spell casting. These have been used for centuries, and are a large part of the Wiccan and occult worlds today. But you don’t need to participate in those religions or organizations in order to see the effects of spell casting manifest in your own life. Consider these rituals as a glorified form of wish making. Today I will discuss a spell to cast during the Full Moon, as we are in this evening. (continue reading…)

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Is Norah Fake or Real?

by on May.28, 2012, under Norah Astrologer

Is Norah Fake or Real?

We have seen some rather funny rumors going around the internet “Is Norah fake or Real?” and want to put them to rest once and for all.  Contrary to what uninformed individuals might say, Norah is a real person.  While it is true that the name Norah is a pseudonym chosen to protect the privacy of a woman who does not want public attention, there is an actual human being who started Premium Astrology.  She chose the internet soubriquet of Norah in the same way that some writers have used pen names (Mark Twain’s real name was Samuel Clemens; the writer who went by the nom de plume Lewis Carroll in writing Alice in Wonderland was known in his everyday life as Charles Lutwidge Dodgson).  However, she does practice astrology and give psychic readings, her talent and her offering of her services are real.  Norah’s talents in these areas, as well as those of her associates who also do readings, have been established through many readings received by many satisfied clients (you can read a few rave reviews here: link).

 Norah is a Real Person

Rest assured that Norah is a real person with a real life including relationships, bills to pay, a home and even pets.  Like most real people, she has both a private life involving family members and close friends and she wishes to protect that sphere of her life rather than seeking the spotlight.  She also has work she feels passionate about:  helping people through sharing the wisdom of astrology and her amazing psychic abilities.  Because of the controversy attached to metaphysical subjects, she prefers to keep her private life and her work separate through the use of a name other than her given one (however, there is a significance to her choice of the name Norah as it has recurred in her family for several generations).  So if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, you can share with them that Norah is a real person, just as real as they are.

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