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Is Norah Fake or Real?

by on May.28, 2012, under Norah Astrologer

Is Norah Fake or Real?

We have seen some rather funny rumors going around the internet “Is Norah fake or Real?” and want to put them to rest once and for all.  Contrary to what uninformed individuals might say, Norah is a real person.  While it is true that the name Norah is a pseudonym chosen to protect the privacy of a woman who does not want public attention, there is an actual human being who started Premium Astrology.  She chose the internet soubriquet of Norah in the same way that some writers have used pen names (Mark Twain’s real name was Samuel Clemens; the writer who went by the nom de plume Lewis Carroll in writing Alice in Wonderland was known in his everyday life as Charles Lutwidge Dodgson).  However, she does practice astrology and give psychic readings, her talent and her offering of her services are real.  Norah’s talents in these areas, as well as those of her associates who also do readings, have been established through many readings received by many satisfied clients (you can read a few rave reviews here: link).

 Norah is a Real Person

Rest assured that Norah is a real person with a real life including relationships, bills to pay, a home and even pets.  Like most real people, she has both a private life involving family members and close friends and she wishes to protect that sphere of her life rather than seeking the spotlight.  She also has work she feels passionate about:  helping people through sharing the wisdom of astrology and her amazing psychic abilities.  Because of the controversy attached to metaphysical subjects, she prefers to keep her private life and her work separate through the use of a name other than her given one (however, there is a significance to her choice of the name Norah as it has recurred in her family for several generations).  So if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, you can share with them that Norah is a real person, just as real as they are.

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  • yeahsure

    yeah, sure, the only thing “real” is the disappearing money from people who are so easily duped. You are fake!!!

    • admin

      We have seen these scam reports as well and most of the reports are from our early beginnings. We did not have much of customer support and Norah was the only one doing readings. We were overloaded with work and some concerns were missed or not resolved as they should have been. We apologize that you have come across any negative comments and can guarantee that Premium Astrology has taken strides to increase the overall experience of our services. We follow up with each customer who has a concern or question and are more than happy to assist.

      Norah and Premium Astrology Advisers looks at various factors surrounding your life including your name, date of birth, star sign, and deepest desire. What results is a series of products designed to motivate each individual, pursue their inner goals and tackle their biggest challenges.

      Thank You for letting us know your thoughts, should you require more details please do not hesitate to contact us: via email: or via online chat:

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